Treasures –by Martha Nicholson

12 Oct

Poem found on: treasures – by Martha Snell Nicholson « Keith Ferrin.


One by one He took them from me,

All the things I valued most,

Until I was empty-handed;

Every glittering toy was lost.

And I walked earth’s highways, grieving.

In my rags and poverty.

Till I heard His voice inviting,

“Lift your empty hands to Me!”

So I held my hands toward heaven,

And He filled them with a store

Of His own transcendent riches,

Till they could contain no more.

And at last I comprehended

With my stupid mind and dull,

That God COULD not pour His riches

Into hands already full!

In 8th grade, we each had to pick a poem to memorize&recite to the class, learning everyone else’s as we went along. I thought this impossible, and I didn’t think I would be interested- but it turns out I was at the top of my game! :D I memorized all 20-odd poems, because I loved them so much(aside from having to know them for the test) and they’ve stuck with me through all these years… This poem, “Treasures” By Martha Snell Nicholson, was not the poem I was given, but I greatly admire its message. I’m sure it’s one we can all relate to!

I don’t have to tell you what you’ve already figured out by reading this, but there is so much “stuff” and “clutter” in this world we don’t even need, or really want. We cling to it anyway, but if we could just give it up, we’d be given real treasure- placed right into our very hands, by our very own Creator Who knows what we *really* need, what is best for us, what we will need, when, and why. We don’t have the big picture like He does, so we just need to trust in Him. Love Him. Only HIM <3… Give him our hearts, our lives, our stuff, our loved ones… it’s the best place for those things to be. Be amazed to see what He returns to you!..:)

Here’s a quote from a movie called “Joshua”:

“Sometimes you have to tear something down in order to build it back up.”

As we are giving things away- tearing away the things we do not need, we can receive from the Father and build our sukkahs in righteousness. :)

Shalom ღ

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