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22 But flee from the ta’avot hane’urim (lusts of youth TEHILLIM 25:7) and pursue tzedek(righteousness), emunah(faith), ahavah(love), and shalom(peace) with the ones calling on Adoneinu(YHVH) out of a lev(heart) tahor(clean).

24 Therefore, everyone who hears these dvarim (words) of mine and does them, is like a chacham (wise man) who built his bais (house) upon the Tzur (Rock).

47 Everyone coming to me and hearing my divrei(words) Torah and putting them into practice, I will show you to whom he is likened. 48 He is likened to the man building a bais(house) who dug and went down deep and laid a yesod(basis; foundation) upon the av sela (bedrock). And a flood having come, the river struck against that bais, and the flood was not strong enough to shake it, because its binnuy(base) was firm. 49 Now the one having heard [Rebbe Melech(King) HaMoshiach(the Messiah)’s divrei(words) Torah], and not having put them into practice, is like a man having built a bais (house) upon the ground without a yesod (foundation), which the river struck against, and ofen ort (immediately) the bais collapsed, and gadol (great) was the churban(destruction) of that bais.

13 May the Elohei HaTikvah (the God of hope) fill you with simcha(joy) and shalom(peace) in believing, that you may overflow in tikvah (hope), in the ko’ach (power) of the Ruach(Spirit) Hakodesh(The Holy).

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