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Why did I choose this title?:)

You might also be wondering as to why I called this, my special blog, “building my sukkah”. :) It comes from the Feast of Sukkot (Tabernacles, found in Leviticus 23 [23:39-43, in particular]- for reference), which is my FAVORITE feast in the entire Bible :D. It comes after Yom Teruah (Quite arguably, my favorite Holy DAY, :)), the 10 days of Awe, and Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement). It is an 8-Day feast, where you live in Sukkahs!!:D A sukkah is a temporary structure, a dwelling that you create from basically anything you can, weaving branches (specified in reference given) through the walls&the roof of it (some like to decorate with apples&flowers&etc.), and it must be that you can see the stars looking out through the roof :D. How amazing &perfect is THAT? I love my Creator!! He commands us to rest on the first&last day of this awesome harvest feast :D. And living out-of-doors, breathing the ever-fresh air&viewing the STARS EVERY NIGHT BEFORE YOU GO TO SLEEP??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! :D. AWESOME!!! Hahah! x)!!! There is SO much joy involved, this is a feast of celebration!

So, it’s understandable why I’d want to name my blog after my favorite time of the year, but how is this relevant? :). Well, I view it as: we are all in our own little “sukkahs”, and building them with good foundations, virtues, everything good- is most important! Everything in this world is temporary- therefore, I find the term “sukkah” fitting :). In concern of the feast: our regular homes are not our real sukkahs, but for the benefit of this blog: they are- in reference :). Our sukkahs can include our heart, – how we guard it; our home- with what &how we build it :); our bodies – how we nourish&sustain it. How? With life. With our Father!! Elohim, Creator of us&the universe. I find “how” to be most important- these are our lives&others’ that we’re dealing with, and responsible for! I am committed to making the right choice- at least to trying! :) (We all fall short [ 23 For all have sinned and suffered want of the kavod(holiness) Hashem(The Name, or Yehovah/Yahweh)], this we all should know – lol!).

The way to do that, is to read the Bible- understand its truth, believe it, and act upon it! Biblical health: do you eat “kosher”(things deemed Biblically clean to eat)? We are God’s temple. The Bible says pigs(for example) are unclean- would you agree, that they are not fit to have any place in God’s Temple? I only want for what God gives me, and provides for me- and He would not want us to break His law :). Resist temptation from the Devil, it WILL flee; Choose life!

So, that’s health&spirituality, for you!:) Things we need, to make our sukkah great, &acceptable to Him Who made us…

Be blessed <3 Shalom.


(translated help on the Bible reference:

6 But He gives all the more Chen v’Chesed(grace and favor)! Therefore it says, “Hashem LALETZIM HU YALITZ V’LA’ANAYIM YITEN CHEN (“Hashem opposes the proud mocker but gives grace to the humble” [MISHLE 3:34]).7 Submit yourselves in mishma’at (obedience) to Hashem(YHVH). Resist Hasatan(the Devil), and he will flee from you.8 Draw near to Hashem(Yehovah) and Hashem(Yahweh) will draw near to you. Cleanse your yadayim (hands), you chote’im (sinners)! And purify your levavot(hearts), you anashim(people) of double mind! [TEHILLIM 73:28; ZECHARYAH 1:3; MALACHI 3:7; YESHAYAH 1:16; TEHILLIM 24:4; 119:113; YIRMEYAH 4:14])


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