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Put it in the Right Perspective!!!:)

OKAY, I just got fired up!!!:)

A friend of mine was goin’ through some tough times… Are any of you guys? Where you directin’ all that anger&negativity? Surely, not to the One Who gave you life, created you, formed you, had plans for a perfect life for you, sent His Son to get on a cross&die for you? The One Who gets misspoken of/&slandered/mocked&ridiculed every day? Not MY God, our God, I hope?…

He waits for you each day, to give Him glory, some gratitude, a little love… Every day, He’s there, whether you realize it, or not! :). I canNOT simply express just how He loves you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! More than I’m feeling for you, right now. Whenever right now is, whoever you are… You have NO. ideaღ ღ!!! I’ll bet if you could spend just 10 minutes on the other side of heaven… you’d be astounded at how much intricacy is in place, to keep the balance of the universe(so would I!)! -I can’t keep from saying it again…God loves you!!! :) If you’ve heard it a thousand times, I wish you really would right now <3. Do you have any idea why you’re still alive? You’ve still got more to do, choices to make, people to help&be helped by- God’s moving hands. Have you ever sat down&thought of all the things that might’ve occurred to you, if not for Him? I don’t even know all the things! (Thank God, He takes care of us!!:D) Something happening, making someone late to work, so they didn’t hit me with their car… All these crazy scenarios that would keep me from typing to you now, or to you reading this!!! I’m not saying it’s cause for worry! I’m saying: it’s cause to REJOIIIIIIICE :). If you’re reading this right now: GET UP &CELEBRATE!!! WHOO!!! WE’RE ALIIIIIIIVE:D Even if there ain’t no hills with music around!!xD BE THANKFUL FOR IT, LIFE ROCKKKS!!! 8) WOOOO-HOO!!!

Kick the devil in the face! -Did that seem random? Well, if you’re going through stuff, that’s chains of bondage, holding you down- don’t let the devil pull one over on you!! Don’t let him get the best of you!!:) Say, “God, I’m gonna CHOOSE TO BE DELIGHTFUL! I am sooooo DELIGHTED that you chose me to be here, alive, right now!!!:D THANKS YA!!!” (I don’t care if that *wasn’t* proper grammar!!) “Thank-you so much for keeping me alive:)! &Allowing me to be alive! :D I’m gonna choose to have an AWESOME attitude, no matter the circumstance, because this is all amazing, I can’t wait to live out Your plan!:D THANKS FOR THINKIN’ O’ ME!! (by the way), and I’M GONNA CHOOSE TO HAVE COURAGE!:) I *WILL* be STRONG! I will have HOPE IN YOU, I will put my TRUST IN YOU, &I’m not gonna be afraid!! I’m not gonna worry about it, ’cause You’re the GOD of the UNIVERSE!! (HOW AWESOME IS THAT) AND I know, that You are the SAFEST PLACE for my trust to be!!!:D. Just tell me what to do- guide me! :) I will follow &obey, I don’t want to get in any messes unforeseeable to me! I want to do Your will, &abound in Your Blessing, for being obedient unto you!!!:D. GOD, YOU ARE AWESOME!! 8D!!! I will USE MY FAITH. -That’s what it’s THERE FOR!!!:) I will test the waters, and stretch my limit continually, growing in You!:D &By. Your. Grace! Love, &Mercy!:)”

You know those are words tossed around a lot, let’s define them!:) Mercy= not getting what you deserve (Ya did something wrong, justice says you gotta pay, some how& mercy says “nope, you’re good- you don’t haveta do that, I’ll take care of it :)”). Grace= getting something you don’t deserve (“You sinned, but I’m gonna send my Son to die for you, ’cause I love ya that much! -I love Him too, but He’s perfect, don’t worry about Him, He’ll come through this, He wants to do this for you!:)”) &Love=making sacrifices for someone else, when you don’t have to (I would say death would be a good example, following the Gracy&Mercy combination)(or, just for an example, else-wise: you give your movie ticket to somebody else- you don’t get to see the movie, but somebody else does, &it’s not because you changed your mind).

Does this put anything into an awesome, humbling perspective?:) It’s supposed to be positive, fyi:D!!!

So, my friend, he was down, thinkin’ God was the problem- he didn’t see God at work&he was in pain- natural thought, right? Darn devil… *ahem*. So, when he called God a coward, I was like WHOA. Freeze. -Say what? nuh-uh!!! &I proceeded with this:

“You know that poem about the one set of footprints(-found on Google)? Well, you know what?! GOD IS ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU. It’s you, who choose to turn away, not listen, make it complicated, whatever the situation, whatever the problem. It’s because you allow the enemy to confuse you&you listen&you point the fist! Don’t do it. CHOOSE to BE STRONG. CHOOSE. To be Courageous in the face of defeat and trials. CHOOSE TO HAVE FAITH. USE IT. (I’m not yelling, I’m emphasizing) :). CHOOSE TO BE WISE. CHOOSE TO LOVE. LOVE GOD like Job did! You know ALL that terrible stuff he went through? Pull through like he did! You can, the strength is always there. You just need to choose to say, YOU KNOW WHAT SATAN? I’VE HAD ENOUGH, &I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU DO TO ME, MY GOD IS THERE, AND I AM STANDING ON THAT PROMISE&I’M SPITTING IN *YOUR* FACE!!! MY GOD IS GREAT&AWESOME AND MIGHTY!! HE WILL DESTROY YOU! AND I WILL STAND WITH HIM IN THAT TRIUMPH, ON THAT DAY&REJOICE, FOR I KNOW WHERE MY VICTORY LIES! IT’S IN HE WHO SAVED ME, AND GIVES ME HIS LOVE, &GRACE&MERCY EVERY DAY!!! Thank God for all your blessings, man[/woman]. :) Choose to see them, choose to be greatful, and choose to believe. Through thick&thin, no matter what. God only gives you what you can handle- use those muscles, grow in your walk with Him. Walk WITH God! See how far&amazing you can really go with Him!! Don’t give up now, you know if you’re at this point, you’re close to an amazing breakthrough in God that the Devil wants to keep you from. GET THAT BLESSING! ALL SPEED AHEAD!!!:) DO IT WITH PASSION&GOD’S RIGHTEOUS POWER!! You can do it, I believe you can, bro[/sis]! Just choose it:D Test that power out, test that faith- it’s there. You just gotta USE it :D!! Be active in your walk with Him!! Condemn the Devil any time he gets in your way!!! Quote scripture at him&to his face!!! Use it against him, don’t let him use you:). Don’t let him walk all over you in victory!! PICK IT UP!!! ARM YOURSELF WITH GOD’S MIGHTY ARMOUR(see below)!! &USE IT TO ITS FULL POTENTIAL!!:) God will be so excited, &you will be too, -just once you *choose* to go there…:) Read the Bible, the whole Bible, &listen &BE OPEN to listen to anything God has to say to you- let HIM & only HIM write on your heart…♥”

“7 But the worldly aggadot(legends, myths) and bubbemeises (old wives tales), refuse. Rather, train yourself [1:4] for chasidus [in Moshiach].8 For hitammelut (bodily exercise or training) is kedai (profitable) a bissle(bit), but chasidus [in Moshiach] is profitable in every way, holding havtachah (the promise) of Chayyim(Life) now in the Olam(World) Hazeh(This), and, later, of Olam(World) Habah(to be).9 This dvar(word) torah is trustworthy and worthy of all acceptance.10 For to this end we labor and strive at the melachah (task), because we have set tikvateynu(trust) in the EL CHAI [YEHOSHUA 3:10] who is Moshi’a (Savior) of kol(all) Bnei(Sons) Adam, that is, the ma’aminim(Messianic Belivers) [in Moshiach Adoneinu].11 On these things insist and say shiurim(lessons [speak-teach]).12 Let no one regard with contempt your tza’irut (youth), but become a mofet (example) for the ma’aminim [in Moshiach] in loshon (speech), in hitnahagut (conduct), in ahavah(loving spirit), in emunah(faith), and in lev(heart) tahor(pure).13 Until I come, attend to the kri’ah betzibbur (congregational public reading) of the Kitvei(Writings) Hakodesh(TheHoly), attend to the Messianic hatafah (preaching) and to the Messianic hora’ah (instruction, teaching).14 Do not neglect the matanah (gift) in you which was given to you by means of dvar hanevu’ah (prophecy) with the s’michah(laying hands) administered by the Ziknei(Elders) HaKehillah(TheCongregation/Community).15 Put these things into practice, that your progress in shomer masoret (religious devotion) may be manifest to all.16 Be shomer(keeper, guard) both toward yourself and toward your Messianic hora’ah (instruction), and be arain getun (engrossed), torud (completely absorbed and involved) in them. For by so doing this, you will come to Yeshu’at(Salvation in) Eloheynu(Our God), and this means not only you yourself but also those who hear your hatafah [about Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach].” 1st Timothy, (Timotiyos Alef/I) 4:7-16

If I can say anything more, please let me know!!:) I hope this helped you, wherever you are, or aren’t in your walk with Yeshua, the Son of God, our Saviour :D (no one can get to God, Yehovah, forgetting the Son! :) “Rebbe(Rabbi), Melech(King) HaMoshiach(theMessiah)[Yeshua] says to him, I am HaDerech(TheWay), HaEmes(TheTruth), and HaChayyim(TheLife). No one comes to HaAv(TheFather) except through me [1Sm 3:7].”Yochanan (John) 14:6).

(from above)10 For the rest, be continually empowered in the ko’ach(power/strength) of Hashem(theName, Yehovah) and in the oz(strength) of His gevurah(heros/strength). [TEHILLIM 27:14]11 Put on the whole armor of Hashem(Yahweh) for you to be able to stand against the nechalim (scheming deceitfulness, wiles, evil plots) of Hasatan(Thedevil).12 Because we are not wrestling against basar vadahm (flesh and blood), but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of the choshech(darkness) of the Olam(World) Hazeh(This), against the kokhot ruchaniyim ra’im (evil spiritual forces) in Shomayim(Heavens).13 Therefore, take up the whole armor of Hashem(Yehovah), that you may be able to withstand in the Yom(Day) HaRah(TheEvil) and, having done all, to stand.14 Stand, therefore, having girded your waist with HaEmes(TheTruth) and having put on the breastplate of Tzedek(Righteousness), [YESHAYAH 11:5; TEHILLIM 132:9; YESHAYAH 59:17]15 And having put as shoes on your feet that which makes you ready to be a maggid(narrator/preacher) of the Besuras(GoodNews) HaGeulah(TheRedemption/Salvation). [YESHAYAH 52:7]16 With all these things, take up the shield of emunah(faith), by which you will be able to quench all the flaming darts of haRah (the Evil one);17 And take the helmet of yeshu’ah(SALVATION) and the cherev(sword) of the Ruach(Spirit) Hakodesh(TheHoly), which is the Dvar(Word) Hashem(Yehovah). [YESHAYAH 59:17; 49:2]18 Daven(Pray) in the Ruach(Spirit) Hakodesh(TheHoly) always with all tefillos(prayers) and techinnah (supplication). To that end keep shomer(guard, watch) and always persevere in techinnah (supplication) for the Kadoshim(Holies, “Saints”);19 And for me also, that to me may be given utterance in opening my mouth in boldness to make known the Sod(mystery?) HaBesuras(TheGoodNews) HaGeulah(TheRedemption),20 On behalf of which I am an emissary in chains, that in it I may be bold as it is necessary for me to speak.” Ephesians 6:10-20


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