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Love Where you Dwell <3

Recently, this article surfaced, and I appreciate it’s beauty! I love Women Living Well Ministries.

It is so important to be comfortable in your own home!! It should be an uplifting atmosphere full of love&creativity, where you can feel free to be yourself, explore your talents, and work together as a unit, helping each other out, using your strengths and building an ever-strong network of joy, wellness, and personal relationship. If there’s anything we need most in life, it’s to keep our relationships with friends and family strong and unified, as we are the Blessed Body of Messiahღ. Strife, stress, anger, fighting, rebellion… we all know these are negatives and tear us down. Recently, Yom Kippur happened, when all God’s people get right with Him and each other, making sure we search ourselves and make reparations, repent of our wicked ways, so HE can clean us, and prepare us for …SUKKOT :). Which actually started earlier tonight!!:D (Okay, yesterday). The most joyous feast of all, when someday He will marry His Bride (HALELUYAH!).

As in the article in the link above, positive faith-affirming music is a great idea to have going throughout the home!! :) It uplifts the mood, of course, making everybody just a bit happier than they’d otherwise be, right? Frequencies affect us, and everything around us, so it’s good to make the proper choice :). What we hear, we are more likely to do, and adopt as a lifestyle. What we accept through music is very important. So, why not have the best, subtly playing throughout your home?=) I’ve linked two sites with online-radio of Messianic/Hebrew music on the sidebar (under Music) (Sounds of ShalomRejuvenated Generation) incase you don’t have any, or would like something refreshing to hear =);).

Personal space: is ALWAYS needed! :D. It’s like sleep: when we can relax by ourselves and digest and assimilate what’s gone on, by giving our brain a break. Sometimes we need to give each other a little space, if we’re trying to get something done. If you’re someone in charge, and things aren’t getting done that you’d like, don’t nag -it never really helped or improved anyone- it’s a real drag-down! Encouragement may perhaps be the single most important “weapon” we possess! (Try a little something in return to spur on action, however simple). At least if we want to get someone going in a different direction, by encouraging them, it keeps thoroughly positive!!=) Never strike-down ideas, or aspirations of another person- that just destroys. That will be killing their spirit! You never want to do that :). Especially in younger people; they’re still mold-able, and they will carry our words so much farther than we perhaps intended. Even if they forget, they’ll still change their actions around those words you spoke, which will be a habit for the rest of their lives. We all know words are important! They never ever, ever die! I definitely need work in controlling my words, and how I accept them from others.

Prayer is a foundation. It keeps the basis in place, and the walls standing (glue to the fabric!!). We ALL need prayer!!! Prayers to do the right things, have the right heart before Yahweh, and before others. The wisdom for our actions, and the “umph” behind them, so that we will do them! Solomon had great wisdom from Yehovah! He did not always employ that wisdom, though:/. We need the strength and the boldness in the Spirit to plunge ahead and always do what’s right, to say NO to temptation, laziness, sluggishness, the Devil himself!- any evil at all; it is sin. YHVH will tell you what you need to do, if you ask Him. Don’t move until He says to! Timing is also everything. There is so much abounding in blessing, when we hear and obey. It makes Him so happy!! Can you imagine being God and dealing with us humans all day? “NO! Go this way, trust me!! YES you’re on the right track-wait no, go back! Stop! Turn around, proceed straight. No, don’t go left!” He has the big picture :). It’s like that game where you direct your blindfolded partner to a goal. Last time I played that game, it went terribly :P lol. He is so much better at being God! We are only human, it’s always a mistake to listen to our own hearts, as they are deceitful above all things.

8 For he shall be as an etz(tree) planted by the mayim(waters), and that spreadeth out her shorashim (roots) by the brook, and shall not fear when chom (heat) cometh, but its leaf shall be green; and shall not be anxious in the shenat batzoret (year of drought), neither shall cease from yielding p’ri (fruit).9 The lev (heart, mind) akov (is deceitful) above all things, and anush (incurable [in wickedness]); who can know it?10 I, Hashem(YHVH), search the lev, I test the kelayot (kidneys, i.e., most inward parts), requiting to every ish(man) according to his drakhim(ways), and according to the p’ri(fruit) of his deeds. Jeremiah(Yeremiyahu) 17:8-10

Remember, we can’t always understand the intentions of one another: (1st Samuel 16:5-7We only know what someone tells us: we can’t know what’s going on in their head, what they’ve been through that day, what frustrations, what words they’ve heard, what they’ve done, otherwise. So, it’s great to be understanding and sensitive to somebody’s spirit, rather than fling out of control at a snide comment. Deflect the remark a loved one made, ask them if they need help. Tell them you love them, do something that will help make their life better!! A hug never killed anybody ;D. A cup of tea? Help them out with their work, make things more comfortable for them :). They will brighten up, when they realize they did not mean to direct any negativity towards you! Perhaps they’ll share the problem, but they’ll for sure appreciate your support :). Remember, we are only responsible for our own actions.

Relieve stress and do something fun!:) LOVE LIFE. Take joy in every moment! People don’t live forever, take advantage of them, while you have them!! Go all out on joy, every day (don’t forget to relax). Be happy with whatever God has provided you with.

20 Then Iyov(Job) arose, and made the keri’ah(rupture) on his mantle, and shaved his head, and fell down upon the ground, and worshiped,21 And said, Arom(naked) came I out of beten immi(the womb of my mother), and arom shall I return there; Hashem gave, and Hashem hath taken away; yehi(may) Shem(Name) Hashem(the Name/YHVH) mevorach(blessed).22 In all this Iyov(Job) sinned not, nor natan tiflah leElohim (charged G-d with folly). Iyov(Job) 1:20-22

That is the true key to happiness in life: faithfulness, contentness, and ever-greatfulness. …because since when did we deserve anything? Live Like You Were Dying.

<3 Shalom

ETA: Found this awesome, &relevant verse: :)

15 See that no one returns ra’ah(evil) for ra’ah(evil), but always pursue haTov(theGood) both for one another and for all.16 Have simcha(joy) always.17 Daven(Pray) unceasingly.18 In everything offer hodayah(thanks), for this is the ratzon(will-desire) Hashem(Yahweh) in Moshiach(Messiah) Yehoshua(Yeshua/”Jesus”) for you.19 Do not quench the Ruach(Spirit) Hakodesh(TheHoly).20 Do not reject nevu’ot (prophecies).21 But test kol(all) davar(things) (everything); hold fast to haTov(theGood).22 Abstain from every appearance of ra’ah (evil).23 And now Elohei(God of) HaShalom(thePeace) wholly set you apart as Kadoshim(Holies/”saints”) and may your whole ruach(spirit) and nefesh(soul) and basar(flesh) be preserved without blame at the Bi’as(Coming?) HaMoshiach(TheMessiah) Adoneinu(our “Lord”) Yehoshua(Yeshua/”Jesus”).24 Ne’eman (Faithful) is the One who summons you to your kri’ah (calling). He will do it.25 Achim(brothers) b’Moshiach(in Messiah), offer tefillos(prayers) also concerning us. Kehilah in Thessalonika I(Thessalonians 1) 5:15-25.

Be blessed! ღ

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