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Welcome to my humble Sukkah… =)

Welcome to my new blog page, buildingmysukkah :). I’m glad that you’ve found me; may you be blessed in many ways by the posts here to follow…

I’ll post about health-related news, Bible readings that have blessed my heart, and other articles that should be shared to better us as human beings :).

I love being creative, and finding new things to learn about. I sincerely care about quality of life, and what our Father says is right for us, as His children. Sometimes I feel too much the weight of the world, that is not my own- the way things are going, in the unjust world we live in. Is it my burden to carry? Not exactly, because I can’t change it all. Will I try to help by sharing things I think are important to know? ABSOLUTELY!!! :D You can count on it. Please share stuff with me, as well!!! I would greatly appreciate your feedback, &support :).

I think it will be so exciting to have this, my own little blog :D, wherever it may lead. Pray for me, that what I post is prudent, helpful, uplifting (I don’t want to constantly post the terrible stuff that is going on, the downers, but will if I think you need to know)… and that I don’t let it slide :). I would like this to become a good habit! Thanks so much, :D! And I hope to see you in the future…

(I like to post from the Orthodox Jewish Version, simply because it’s got some cool Hebrew words in it, which I like to learn as I go :)&I think it’s the coolest YouVersion has to offer me, so thanks for bearing with me!!) There are some words already translated, I do my best to add translations for Hebrew words not in Englishified(my own word, clearly!;D) parenthesis :)…

“As to the rest, Achim(Brothers) b’Moshiach(in Messiah), whatever things are emes (truth), nichbad (noble), yashar (straight), tahor (clean), male No’am (full of pleasantness) and tiferet (beauty) [SHEMOT 28:2], whatever things are commendable, if there is any virtue, if any praise, think about these things.”

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